DEAD FORMANT NEO:01 INITAl/tera/crimewave/arcadia neo:01/ultimate fate/exit node gaia prism/cHNL ORANGE/telega
ABOUT For a couple of years now, I've been working on music that has ultimately led up to this release. The past two hasn't been so well, to be honest, but to look back behind these two years and look at all of the people I've learned from, befriended, spoke to, and how much I've moved musically, it truly makes me feel good, which I have issues at doing. I have issues at realizing that I've done many things that really, really make me happy, and although this album was meant to be something else and is still that, I think it's overall dedicated as an album that makes me personally happy from those who I've learned from, who I befriended since then, and my progression in life. Everything is so fine. Although this album was supposed to have a little more content and I was hoping to get two more features (it's obvious which tracks were meant to have a couple of more features too), I'm incredibly happy to be able to even put it out. As life moves on, I hate to watch what I make just sit in private and dust up, and because it's not what I wanted my goal to be for this, I'm putting it out for free! (until download tickets run out, at least)